Two years ago, upstride engaged in an exciting and challenging adventure: bringing Geometric Algebra (GA) into Neural Networks (NNs) to achieve better accuracy and compression than traditional methods . We are pioneering a new field of research and have already laid down the foundations of a very promising technology.

However, given the magnitude of the challenges ahead, and thanks to our progress so far, we believe that it is now time to share with the community and to collaborate with other AI labs and researchers . …

Production-grade image classification made easy

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Hello World,

We’re introducing an open-source repository with production-grade code for image classification.

We’re starting off our blog series by sharing with you our first open-source repository: an image-classification API.

Image classification is the most well-known task in computer vision — it’s a necessary step in creating model backbones that can easily be used for any other task. We thought we could help the community on this subject by sharing some of our internal work.

Why We Created This API

Following the rapid development of deep learning and computer vision, a lot of information and open-source code have been produced and are available. Using resources…


Upstride is designing an API to improve the accuracy, data efficiency and power consumption of neural networks in computer vision

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